Vision sketch made in photoshop

This concept explores how Augmented Reality (AR) can be used to add extra functionality to physical objects by super exposing digital information.

The concept of AR books is an exploration of how to explore local reviews at a library using AR. Our focus was to create seamfull interactions for the user at wanted the interaction with the Augmented objects to happen on the physical object rather than on the screen.

Part of a longer video made for ITU to showcase ‘Designing Interaction’

“Design a phone-based application to articulate seamfulness. This is an opportunity to explore the edges of social, spatial, and technical life. Because the theme of this assignment is context, mobility and location need to be taken into account. “

“We argue that careful and aesthetically pleasing design exposing the seams – connections, gaps, overlays and mismatches – within and between physical, digital and social space may allow for a better understanding of the resulting combined space.”Chalmers et al, Social Navigation and Seamful Design (2004)

Prototyping: Unity & Vuforia

Screenshot of Unity UI.

We only had a few weeks to go from initial idea to final prototype. In order to build a functional prototype to explore the interaction, we used Unity and Vuforia to build a simple android AR app.

It is important for designers not to be afraid to try new software. None of us had any experience with either Unity nor Vuforia, but through research, we located it as the best solution to build a quick AR mockup app.

Our prototype showing reviews on the front and statistics on the back.

Why designers should code

I believe that digital designers need to understand the basics of coding in order to become better designers. When I got my degree in Industrial design I learnt to work in ceramic, wood and metal. Using both manual and automatic tools. Now as a digital designer I also wants to learn the basics of the ‘material’ I work in. This requires I try out new software and plays around with a tiny bit of code.

Stand looping animation

In this project, I had to tweak a bit of animation code in CSharp. I had never done coded in CSharp before and only have limited coding experience. But for mockups, it doesn’t need to be perfect. So together with Google search, I change a looping animation (see video above) into displaying the reviews upon hovering on the button.

This is nothing for a coder – but it was a very important detail for the experience of the explored interaction.

This project was done during my specialization course in Designing Interactions at ITU, 2019, together with 3 other students: Clara Baidel, Emilie Hvashøj & Kristine Emilie Hansen. Duration 4 lectures + some evenings.