In no way an original idea. I just find myself in situations I would love to capture, but I don’t want to pull my phone up. So it should just be a fun maker project – but I give it 1% chance for being picked at something to take to another stage of exploration.

doodles about what is needed for one-click quick capture concept.

So it would be a ‘maker version’ of something similar to the glasses from snapchat. A click record solution already out of your pocket.

spectra by snapchat

In my mind it would have the same philosophy as the BEME app had. The raw capture. No retake, no filter, no edit.

Casey Neistat demonstrating how to ‘beme’ by covering the screen.

For my application for design school back in 2013 I actually submitted this exact idea. Just picked the ‘watch’ form factor over the necklace.

Sketches on alternative camera’s from my application back in 2013. Hurts to share.