F91-W Credit: Casio


I want to remix the classic Casio F91-W. I personally wear a Casio W-218H but chose the F91-W since it is dirt cheap and I am only interested in the screen.

Casio W218H Credit: Casio


I saw the Kickstarter from CW&T on the subreddit r/shittykickstarters. While I do understand the frustration of paying 160USD for a worse version of a watch I think people missed the art aspect of the design.

I think their watch is cool looking, but for me, it was the idea of remixing that was the most fun. However, it was first after seeing an article about the Seiko h-timetron I know I had to make my idea into a hobby project.

Seiko h-timetron credits: seiko-design.com


Goal: Sketch -> 3D Model -> 3DPrint -> Maybe Render? (+ iterations)

Stretch goal: order print in nice material through 3dhubs (or similiar) + buy straps


(remember to upload sketches one day)

Prototype: 1.0.1 (1.09.20)

  • Buttons didn’t work. Didn’t expect to get them in one shot
  • Screen is bit off.
  • No idea how the screw holes did go as wrong as they did.
  • Watch also have to be bigger to fit original backplate

I want to keep the backplate because I know it will be fine to wear. However if I go for a nato strip I don’t need a nice surface since the strap will run under the watch case.

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