In this post, I will be sharing images generated using DeOldify . I have mainly used images from KBHBilleder. The images are all from the neighborhood Christianshavn where I currently live.

So to make it clear. All the colors have been added by a computer model and I haven’t done a thing.

This is one of my favourites pictures. The boy has got a zombie hand. But otherwise the rest of the colors are quite beleiveable.

The bridge have change since so I can’t say if the colors are right. I chose this images to give the model a big piece of water to color.

The colours could be tweaked by adjusting saturation to make it pop more. I think the faded look fits with the age of the image.

After the picture with the boy, I wanted to try another shot with grass. Grass feels like it is providing a good result with this model.

Now some less good result.

The mans face is very unevenly coloured. I did use the artistic setting on DeOldify. The road piece between arm and the man is also off.

Here the dresses are colored almost in a gradient and not a single color.

A quick test

Because I used images from my area I could check some of the colors. But houses do change color over time. So I went out and recreated a shot, turned it black&white and the ran DeOldify.