Free downloadable vector files available (contains errors).

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When you buy a Flagbærer from Kay Bojesen it comes with a paper Skilderhus. Kay Bojensen does sell a nice Skilderhus in wood for approximately 550 danish kroner. I found the price for a paper Skilderhus to be 70kr.

My aim was to create a Skilderhus that could be produced with laser cutting. It had to be cheaper than the nice wood edition and be nicer than the paper version.

I chose 3mm birch plywood as my material. It is cheap and can easily be painted.

WIP in Rhino

For the price I landed on approximately 160kr if you cut two at the time at They will fit on a A2. The price will most likely be cheaper if self-produced at a maker space or fab lab.

Renderings of a raw birch edition. It will naturally come with burned edges due to the laser cutting.

Rendering of a colored laser cut Skilderhus.

Downloadable files

Download the files below if you want to create your own! Or remix it. NOTICE: Contains errors

  • house is not wide enough to fit the Flagbærer (major)
  • ‘wrapping detail part’ is very thin (minor detail)
  • roof pieces have no glue guides (optional detail to be added)
Black = cutting, Pink = line engravement

Prototyping 0.9

Project Status

While it was a bummer that the soldier couldn’t fit inside the house I currently don’t have any plans to make another iteration. I however attach my messy 3d file for anyone who would like to make the fix.