“I have decided to chop up my Bachelor Project (2016 – Industrial design) into smaller content pieces. I spent a semester on it back in 2016 but have never really shown it anywhere besides to my exam. It didn’t even make it into a portfolio.”

I had one side note to my project that I included in some of my last slides. Since Ithis minor design thought have come to be one of my favorite thoughts from the project.

It all started with an interview with a professor at ITU called Thomas Pederson. He was one of the first people I have heard saying how we actually only can focus on one thing at the time. I have since heard this argument over and over again.

Each time you receive a notification and it triggers you to check yout phone you are losing your attention to the real world around you. How could the closer connection a wearable combined with an AI help to reduce these interruptions and place real-life-interactions above digital-interactions.

My simplest idea is in my opinion the best. It categories notification into groups and let each group have individual rules. Fx work notifications will only show during work hours. Notifications from friends will be bundled in an hourly wave during the workday and shorter duration in the evening. Newsletters fx will just be checked twice per day and social media 3 times per day.
Taking advantage of the on-body placement a wearable could detect things such as driving and block all notifications for the duration of the drive to increase safety.
In the ‘drive’ example the ruling happens automatically. It could also be more user including and ask if what the wearable detects is right and if the notifications should be affected by it.