Platessa lab is what I would call my design studio if I had one or if I did freelance. I however don’t intend on making any money or have clients. So it is a pet project similar to the Fuzzy Brain project. For now it is just a working title I can use to slap on things instead of my name.

A Batman brand name

Plaise (Pleuronectes Platessa) illustration from The Natural History of British Fishes (1802) by Edward Donovan (1768-1837).

Behind every name there is a story. Do you know why Bruce Wayne calls himself the Batman. He embraces his fears of bats. I embrace a thing I hate about myself. I get red dots when feeling pressure – fx presenting design projects for clients. Therefor Platessa taken from the red dotted european Plaise.

Logo version 1

Core idea: P for Platessa combined with a simple icon for a fish
A freshy redish color was chosen to honor the plaise.